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TTG Communications Co, An Authorized Hytera Communications Dealer / Systems Provider & Installer..
A Subsidiary of Gillard Construction Co Inc.

An Introduction.
At TTG Communications ., We specialize in Digital Mobile Radio Communications Supply and Install. We are the So. Nevada / Las Vegas Dealer / Reseller of Hytera Communications Products and Repeater Systems. At we realize that the needs and demands of each client differ tremendously. Therefore, all members of our staff are committed to providing uncompromising quality and excellence in order to accomplish the goals presented by each client.
Integrity, experience and overall commitment are just a few of the qualities that make us a Dynamic Communications Supplier / Installer.
MISSION STATEMENT : To exceed excellence in Providing Sound Communications Solutions by continuing to produce Outstanding results in Infrastructure layout and systems performance. We are dedicated to client satisfaction. We strive to be the most Up to date firm possible. We believe that quality comes first with all projects, whether they be supply of Communications Products or Repeaters to Installed System Solutions. and are committed to achieving a lasting partnership with each of our clients.
If you are not familiar with our company, We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.
About Us
As a licensed Communications Infrastructure contractor in the Las Vegas Valley since 1979, our company has been witness to, as well as a part of the phenomenal growth of the Commercial and Industrial Development in this community. We attribute much of our success to this growth since a large percentage of our work has been in the Commercial sector, ranging from small system improvements,adding on additional DMR Radios to existing systems to larger projects and complete design build Systems. We have years of experience designing; and constructing high quality Systems at competitive costs, and we draw heavily on this experience for every new project.
At TTG Communications., Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our unsurpassed attention to detail, combined with our dedication and experience are what make us a Dynamic Radio Communications Supplier and Installer. Whether your needs lie in Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Service, Bus Fleets, Hotel Management, manufacturing, retail, office, warehouse or any other form of Digital / Analog Communications, TTG Communications Inc. can meet your needs.– EXACTLY and ECONOMICALLY.
Our specialty is in the area of Digital Mobile Radio Communications Supply and Install ,We are a Full Contractor, Versed in All Scopes of Construction From Tower erection, Site Improvements, Communications Shelter Supply, Delivery & Setup.
With over 30 years of building experience, TTG Communications & our parent Company Gillard Construction Inc. has had it’s finger on the pulse of the Las Vegas Area. With an established reputation of integrity, an emphasis on the Clients individual Needs, and with an experienced team of builders and support staff at our Disposal, Our company has an exceptional track record of On time and On Budget Projects.
The Vision for Our company is predicated on the understanding that with any Project, the individual can get lost in the process. Our success Emanates from creating Projects with the Clients Requirements in mind, customizing each and every aspect for the Owner and providing features and quality that Ensures their System will perform at it's best.
Digital vs Analog Two Way Radio Systems:
Digital mobile radio (DMR) is an open digital mobile radio standard defined in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Standard TS 102 361 parts 1–4 and used in commercial products around the world. DMR, is effective in achieving 6.25 kHz equivalent bandwidth using the proprietary AMBE+2 vocoder. DMR Tier ll uses a two-slot TDMA Architecture in a 12.5 kHz channel, So each Simultaneous Talkgroup or Conversation uses its own discreet 6.25 kHz channel. using Time Division Multiple Access.. TDMA.
DMR was designed with three tiers. DMR tiers I and II (conventional) were first published in 2005, and DMR III (trunked) was published in 2012, with manufacturers producing products within a few years of each publication.
The primary goal of the standard is to specify a digital system with low complexity, low cost and interoperability across brands, so radio communications purchasers are not locked into a proprietary solution.

It Should be Noted & Highlighted that the technological developments in the current era are more than significant. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the gadgets currently available. The communications industry is far away from what it looked like 10 years ago. The changes in communications technology have affected everyone and every industry. Radio Communication is no different.
Two Way Radio Communications
Two way radio communications could be considered as one of the ancestors of today’s mobile phones. Interestingly, the very first mobile phones were actually operating on analog modes (the same as walkie talkies). Since then mobile phones have gone through a significant transformation and became the ultimate communication devices (for now). But what happened to the walkie talkie? Nothing.
Walkie talkies are still here and are broadly used within all industries (and institutions), from security services, through hospitality, retailers, transportation to energy companies. Two way radios are still considered as the most reliable communication devices especially due to the straight forward communication, durability and of course the price.
Industry Changes
However, the two way radio industry is starting to operate on digital modes and more and more people are confused when it comes to making a decision between Analog and Digital two way radio. Many people also think that analog radios will become extinct in few years time. Well, it is hard to predict what will happen in the future. But Digital Communications is now taking over Analog Systems at a very rapid rate.
Let’s start with Analog Radios. These are on the market for some time now (according to a recent white paper from 2014: “Analog two-way radios have been used for business applications as far back as 1933, and they were originally placed into service by the U.S. military 20 years before then” ). So it is clear that this product has a strong history and position in the market and is widely used around the world. Analog radios are traditional walkie talkies operating on analog modes and using frequency modulation. They are transmitting natural voice. only one conversation can take place at a time while using analog radio. Analog radios also require hardware receivers and transmitters. Furthermore, while using analog radio in the broader area, voice might get lower and signal lost completely when the user is further away from the transmitter.
Digital radios on the other hand are operating in digital mode, which means they are using a mathematic system represented by binary numbers 1 or 0 to transmit the voice, which becomes digital. Therefore, the transmitted voice is much clearer. Furthermore, digital radios can recognize the background noise and simply not transmit it. Using digital radios in the broader area is much more efficient and if users stay within limits of the coverage, ( which is much broader than that of Similar Analog Systems.) the voice will stay the same and clear. Digital radios also come with fancy applications such as GPS, data tracking, more conversations at the same time, text messaging, emergency alarm and many more. there is no real disadvantage of moving to digital radios today as the cost is very much in line with that of the analog radios they will replace. Alas, it may take a little longer for the first time user to get comfortable with them.
- traditional technology - Analog voice
- smaller area coverage
- one conversation at a time, 2 users only.
- new technology
- digital voice
- wider area coverage
- 2 full simultaneous conversations, 4 total radio users at one time using one repeater and one antenna.
Which One?
It might seem that the Analog radios have fewer features (because they really do) but to really decide which radio is better, you must to take into the consideration where they are being used.
For instance, digital radios are more suitable for usage where there is a lot of background noise and are used over much wider area such as construction sites, law enforcement, ambulance services, buss services, hospitals, shopping malls, Manufacturing plants and factories, retail shops and schools.
But to be fair digital two way radios are the latest generation of radio communications and are rapidly replacing traditional analog radios. Pretty much the same thing is happening with walkie talkies as what happened with mobile phones. The needs of consumers are increasing and digital radios offer much more applications, designs and due to the demand prices of digitals are more than affordable.
P.S.: A huge benefit of Digital Radios is that they are compatible with your current analog radios. Therefore, compromises in terms of a Seamless smooth and slow digital migration can be done with little to no intervention from your Field users.

Terry D. Gillard
Gillard Construction Inc.
TTG Communications Co.
An Authorized Hytera Dealer.
Nv Lic #'s 0043215 / 0050300
Licensed-Bonded-Insured MBE / WBE / DBE
1004 San Gabriel Ave Henderson, NV. 89002
O- 702 565-0199 / F- 702 565-8447 / M- 702 491-3378

TTG Communications Co, An Authorized Hytera Communications Dealer / Systems Provider & Installer..
A Subsidiary of Gillard Construction Co Inc.

(Digital Mobile Radio)
By TTG Communications. 702 491-3378

DMR Communications Guide
The purpose of this guide is to provide a basic introduction to a communications technology known as Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), an

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