ProDoula Infant Feeding Specialist Training in Vegas

09:00 am - 02/23/2019

@ Las Vegas, Nevada

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ProDoula Infant Feeding Specialist Training Workshop

It's about to move us out of the limited space we've been in and allow us to teach, support and troubleshoot, while in the delicate space called...our client's postpartum period. We're talking about ProDoula's answer to your lactation program requests. The foundation of this program rests in the knowledge that breastmilk is considered biologically optimal food for babies, while also respecting and preparing the specialist to support and embrace the alternatives available for infant feeding. We know how badly this is needed in our industry, by both birth workers and the clients we support. So let's get to the guts of why this is the training you've been waiting for.

This is a 2 Day, 20 hour, in person training. It aligns with ProDoula's standard of exceptional training experiences and it won't disappoint. It is a hands on, interactive workshop incorporating actual people and actual tools, working with actual feeding scenarios and academics. You will leave this workshop ready to assist actual families. This training is Innovative, Inclusive and Unbiased. When it comes to lactation education and assistance for the families in our communities, what has always been done, doesn't always work. Many families are left to do without the individualized support they could benefit most from. Too often parents feel lost when breastfeeding doesn't "work" immediately. Too often parents feel like they're failing. Too often parents feel judged by both their peers and by the professionals they turn to for support and guidance.

This training will change that.

With this training, ProDoula is bridging the gap between the limitations of a doula’s scope of practice and immediate access to a credentialed Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) or the baby’s medical care provider. Filling the gap when the “what ifs” happen is an essential part of helping families achieve their infant feeding goals. The ProDoula IFS is trained to assist families in those intermediary times until the family can be seen by the IBCLC or the baby’s medical care provider. We need this! Our clients need this! This training is comprehensive. Developed in coordination with the expertise of an RN, Childbirth Educator and veteran IBCLC, a 15-year (frustrated) CLC, and a 20-year seasoned postpartum doula, this training contains practical information on ALL ways to feed an infant, as well as extensive breastfeeding education.

Topics include:

The Anatomy of Infant Feeding
The Anatomy of Breastfeeding
The Anatomy of Bottles, Pumps and Accessories
Exploring Biases
Support Without Bias
12 Months of Infant Feeding
How Parenting Philosophies Shape Feeding Choices
Prenatal Beliefs about Infant Feeding
How Birth Shapes Feeding
Infant Feeding Positions
Myth Busting Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding and Body Image
Modesty and Breastfeeding Clothing
The Breastfeeding Relationship
Oversupply, Undersupply & Overactive Letdown
Nutritive Sucking vs. Non.
Alternative means of Milk Transfer
Infant Feeding Obstacles
Comfort, Bonding and Feeding
Formula Feeding and its Considerations
Formula - How are They Different
Formula Bouncing - From One to the Next and Back
Overfeeding and the Unsettled Infant
Colic & Reflux
Paced Bottle Feeding
Combination Feeding
Postpartum Ideals vs. Postpartum Realities
Sleep and Infant Feeding
Introduction of Solids
Insurance and Breastfeeding

Not to mention the historical information around breastfeeding you’ll learn and other relevant health considerations for today’s modern families! If you are one of the many who have hesitated to move forward with a lactation credential because there hasn’t been an inclusive feeding program available... Your training has arrived! This is a stand alone certification and is not affiliated or meant to be affiliated with any other program or credential.

This 20 hour workshop must be attended in its entirety. Cost for this 2 day intensive course is $595 plus your first year membership fee of $75. Annual membership fee for each subsequent year is $50. (ALL FUNDS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE) To register visit us at or call (914) 400-3494

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